About Us

Graphic Index is a full-service Design and IT Agency with teams over 20 years of design and advertising experience, specializing in all aspects of visual and system technology. We have the abilities to effectively leverage the marketing power of your brand and bring it to life.


At Graphic Index, we listen to our clients so that we understand their objectives, concerns and parameters. Next, collaborating with our clients to focus on identifying the targeted audience and speaking to them, we consistently deliver strategies and tools that enable our clients to achieve their marketing and sales objectives. Our approach to design is combining function & aesthetic. We believe that without one or the other, a design will never achieve its effectiveness.


Whether producing a corporate identity, print advertising, online system marketing, the principle is the same ~ it has to serve its communication functions yet visually mesmerizing and unforgettable!


Please contact us for a free consultation on what we can do to bring your business to the next level or if you are starting one, we can give the best affordable option to kick-start your business at a rate better than you have expected.